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By The Hair Studio, Feb 7 2020 08:59PM

It's all personal preference, and it starts with a client consultation!

What is the difference?

Gel Polish does not dry; it cures!

~ A very thin-viscosity gel that is usually pigmented and cured under a UV or LED light.

~ Self-leveling, thinner consistency, more flexible, and does not chip.

Dip Powder does not dry; it sets!

~ A powder similar to acrylic that comes in a variety of colors and is set using a thin layer of activator brushed over the nail.

~ Self-hardening, colored acrylic, more durable, and does not chip.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

~ Better? Gel Polish? Dip Powder?

When asked this question, there are several things to consider. If the nails are kept shorter, not far past the tip of your finger the gel polish is a good option. The dip powder is a better option if you are wanting to grow out your natural nails. The dip powder is stronger and more durable as the nail grows out.

~ Wearable? Gel Polish? Dip Powder?

When choosing between the gel polish and the dip powder, lifestyle is a major factor. Gel polish and dip powder wear about the same. Gel polish is more flexible, where as the dip powder is more durable.

~ Longevity? Gel Polish? Dip Powder?

The longevity of a gel polish or dip set depends on two things: the prep and application which is the responsibility of the technician and how hard the client is on their nails. The nail technicians goal in the prep process is to remove all natural oils that the nail bed produces. Once the oils are all removed from the nail bed, the set should last 3-4 times longer than regular polish. If the client is rough on their nails, they may need to come back for a new set more frequently.

Some have found that the gel polish will not last on their nails because their nails produce too much oil. If this is the case give the dip powder a try, and vice verse.

~ Removal? Gel Polish? Dip Powder?

With both the gel polish and dip powder systems, it is important that they are not just ripped off. Both systems have adhered to the natural nail. Ripping the set off will take layers of the nail with it, making the natural nail very thin and prone to break. Both the gel polish and the dip powder are soak off systems. All it takes is some acetone and cotton. The soak off can take some time, but in the end, the health of the natural nail is not effected.

~ Time? Gel Polish? Dip Powder?

A gel polish and dip powder application take a little longer than the normal manicure because the prep process is so important. Once the top coat of a gel polish manicure is cured, the polish is dry. With a dip powder manicure, the top coat is dry in 2-3 minutes.

By The Hair Studio, Dec 4 2019 08:30PM

It all starts with client consultation!

Permanent Color: grows out, does not wash/fade out.

Demi-Permanent Color: gentle; no lift, deposit only.

Permanent Color:

~ Changes existing color.

~ Covers gray.

~ Creates bright.

~ Natural looking change.

Demi-Permanent Color:

~ Blends gray hair.

~ Enhances natural hair.

~ Tones pre-lightened hair.

~ Refreshes faded color.

Permanent Color:

Redken has three different levels of chromatics, which is ammonia free permanent color. Your stylist will decide what level is needed during your client consultation. Chromatics is the basic level for hair that is less than 25% gray. Ultra Rich is used when the regrowth is greater than 25% gray, and Beyond Coverage is used on the most resistant gray/white hair.

1. Are you looking for gray coverage or do you just want the regrowth to be blended? If you are looking for complete gray coverage, permanent color is the answer for you. If you are just looking to blend your gray hair, demi-permanent is the better choice because it leaves no harsh lines.

2. Do you feel that your hair is to dark and needs to be lighter? If you wear your hair lighter than your natural regrowth, permanent color can be used to lift the natural pigment to a lighter, more desirable color. However, color does not lift color, meaning permanent color will not lift any artificial pigment on your hair.

Demi-Permanent Color:

Redken has several lines of ammonia free demi-permanent color. Shades EQ Cream is their basic demi-color perfect for adding dimension, whereas the Shades EQ CoverPlus is used to change the base color of hair that is starting to gray. The Shades EQ Gloss is more of a liquid consistency and is most easily applied at the shampoo bowl to change the existing tone of the hair and to add shine.

3. Do you just want the faded color through your midshaft and ends refreshed? If you are just wanting to refresh the color on you ends, demi-permanent will refresh and brighten without drying out your ends. This option is popular with reds and violets.

4. Are you happy with the level of you hair but wanting a tonal change? Tonal change is achieved with a demi-permanent color. This is most helpful when you feel like your color is flat. A tonal change can be done by adding a violet, red, copper, golden, ash, etc. Tonal change is common among blonde hair. When a blonde starts to feel golden, a demi-permanent violet tone is used to cancel out any gold.

5. How often do you change the color of your hair? For someone who is constantly changing their hair color, whether from season to season or just to try something new, demi-permanent color is the best option. It is common to go darker for fall/winter and lighter in the spring/summer. Demi-permanent color fades more naturally and is easier for a stylist to lift out with the changing of the seasons.

Redken for Men: Redken also has a demi-permanent color line specifically for men. The shades are formulated to help blend unwanted gray hair.

By The Hair Studio, May 15 2018 06:15PM

PolyGel is a gel and acrylic hybrid that is 23% lighter than acrylic, and 16% lighter than traditional hard gel. This hybrid creates a strong but flexible, light, and natural feeling with no sacrifice to durability. PolyGel is made from a premixed formula that is free of monomer, considered 7-free (does not have 7 chemicals that most artificial nail enhancements have), and has no harsh fragrance. The “Slip Solution” is used to help glide the brush smoothly, ensuring the best shape. A LED lamp is used to cure this particular product, much like a gel. This allows the nail artist to create a flawless nail foundation, therefore, guaranteeing there is less filing and buffing after application. PolyGel can be used with a tip or sculpted over a form for nail enhancing or as an overlay on the natural nail to build strength. Gelish and regular nail polish can be applied over the PolyGel, or Gelish can be intermixed to create infinite design options. PolyGel can be filled or rebalanced just as acrylic would be. And for those who already have acrylics on, PolyGel is completely compatible with them so transitioning over is as easy as just coming in for routine fills.

By The Hair Studio, Jan 19 2017 02:48PM

Why do celebrities always have AMAZING hair? How can Carrie Underwood go from a short bob to long waves? Why do my bangs never look like the pictures on Pinterest?

I am about ot unveil one of the biggest secrets in hair.....EXTENSIONS! Yep, that's right, almost all celebrites, models, and even some of your friends wear some kind of extensions. They are a lot more common than most people think.

Let's do some name dropping shall we? Kim Kardashion, Brittany Spears, and Ariana Grande to name a few. Kim loves to go from dark and sultry to platium blonde, short crisp bobs to long lushous locks. She never has a hair out of place, leaving the rest of us feeling like our hair will never be close to perfect. Guess what, extensions! Remember when Brittany fell off the deep end and shaved her own head?? Geez, her hair must grow SUPER fast! I mean it was almost as if she woke up one day and had a full head of hair agan! Spoiler Alert, extensions saved the day. Ariana loves to rock that ultra long ultra thick pony tail. You can too, just clip that puppy in! Even men wear extensions. You didn't actually think Johnny Depp grew those dreadlocks did you? If an actor plays a character with long hair all their hair dresser has to do is stick in some extensions! How about that thick beautiul lash grazing fringe? That's right just clip them in!

There are many different kinds of extensions and lots of companies that offer them. For example, DreamCatchersHuman Hair Extensions is the company I trust the most. This company prouds themselves in being " The World's Best Hair Extensions. " As stated on their website, "DreamCatchers are no ordinary hair extensions. Made of the finest hair, they can be styled, permed, and colored – allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair." They use a unique blend of 100% remy hair, the color that you see is the same color the hair was when it was aquired. Most extension companies do something called "dipping" where the hair is dipped into silicone to give that glossy finish. Only to eventually wear away, because of the 100% remy blend the shine will not dissapear. DreamCatchers uses something called a tipping system which is a polyurethane or a rubberized material that attaches your hair to the extension. This requires no glue, waxes, chemicals, or weaves to apply or adjust the extensions. Leavng the hair cuticle completely and perfectly in tact!

Dreamcatchers also offers Tape-Ins and something awesome called Crown-N-Glory. After lots of research and much request, the company added Tape-Ins to the menu. The Crown-N-Glory is made for that certian someone who needs a little extra OOMPH on top or wants a trendy fringe. Fringe today, gone tomorrow!

Extensions can be pricey, but remember if you use a company that you trust the hair will last a long time, allowing you to use it over and over again.

You can visit or call The Hair Studio to book a FREE consutltaion with one of our DreamCatchers technicians. 724-357-9665.

By The Hair Studio, Sep 2 2016 09:08PM

There are hundreds of products to look at when going to a salon. And how does a stylist pick which one they want to go with? Salons are fortunate enough to have the option of mini classes to educate them on the many products and keep updated on the modern and trendy styles. Recently, we had a fun day of being educated about Redken! I am going to give you the inside scoop on why we like this brand!

Many people have concerns on processing their hair over and over again. Is my hair going to be damaged? How is my hair going to feel? It looks and feels great when you walk out of the salon but what will it look like after?? And some people definitely go for the look over the feel. Well, why not have the best of both worlds. How does that feel??


Redken has an entire line for damaged and processed hair. An ENTIRE LINE! That isn't just shampoo and conditioners! It's gels, hairsprays, pretreatments, post-treatments, protection sprays, leave-ins etc.! I could just go on and on! Why so many different things?? Because every person's hair is different and requires special attention! That is just one reason “why Redken.”

A lot of the products are Sulfate Free and Paraben Free. Sulfates have been known to be bad for your hair! These include drying, irritating your scalp, fading color and even hair loss!! And we need our hair. Plus, parabens are found in many haircare products and cosmetics that are said to be unsafe. So yet another bonus to Redken for being health concious!

I want to give Redken another round of applause for listening to the stylist behind the chair! It's made for stylist by the stylist. How awesome is that???

The line is an A+ in the learning department. They have made it simple to use and easy to learn. So Redken Retail is a no brainer when it comes to the consumer and the stylist. With color coded packaging and easy to understand labeling, it is so easy to know what to reach for when styling. Lets face it, when you have 50 people coming in every week. Any way to simplify, makes life a whole lot easier! Plus, the education they provide is incredible! They are constantly keeping up with the trends, evolving solutions, modernizing styles and they are willing to pass it on by providing those mini classes we talk about on a regular basis.

And how about this one...They take the product that is doing the best on the market, research it, then making one of their own even better! Thats like taking grandma's homemade bread that won a blue ribbon at the state fair and saying, yeah, I did one better. Doesn't that make everyone curious to try it??

Oh yeah...affordable. There isn't much more to say about it really! Because these days, who doesn't want a good deal?? All hands are raised!

By The Hair Studio, Aug 26 2016 06:39PM

Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Anniston, Halle Berry, Chrissy Teigen and many others. What do these actresses have in common?? And what does it have to do with a salon?

One Word....Balayage.

Now what is it...Well, the newest trend that you see everywhere and color that is easy to maintain!

These days you can't walk out the door without seeing the ombre effect, which is that casual gradient from one color to another. And with hair it is no different. Only with Balayage is there is some sections at the bottom of the hair that isn't touched with color so its not a stark ombre. Balayage has been around for awhile but the trend is really starting to catch on like wildfire. Its popularity is because of the softness it can create to your desire and style specific to you. And who doesn't want to look like they belong on the Hollywood Red Carpet?? And the best part...its not age specific!

Balayage comes from the french word to paint or sweep. Which is exactly what your stylist is doing. Plus your not going to get the harsh regrowth lines that foils or traditional coloring may give you. How much better does it get?? The only real maintenance is using color safe shampoos and conditioners, regular treatments and heat protection when styling.

Plus the stylist at The Hair Studio are constantly keeping up on the modern color techniques with in Salon classes! So you can bring Hollywood home!

By guest, Jul 6 2016 08:31PM

Check back on occasion to see if there is anything new! Until then, please feel free to browse the website and utilize our online scheduling to book an appointment!!

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