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Revolutionary new product that will change the nail enhancement industry!!!!!

By The Hair Studio, May 15 2018 06:15PM

PolyGel is a gel and acrylic hybrid that is 23% lighter than acrylic, and 16% lighter than traditional hard gel. This hybrid creates a strong but flexible, light, and natural feeling with no sacrifice to durability. PolyGel is made from a premixed formula that is free of monomer, considered 7-free (does not have 7 chemicals that most artificial nail enhancements have), and has no harsh fragrance. The “Slip Solution” is used to help glide the brush smoothly, ensuring the best shape. A LED lamp is used to cure this particular product, much like a gel. This allows the nail artist to create a flawless nail foundation, therefore, guaranteeing there is less filing and buffing after application. PolyGel can be used with a tip or sculpted over a form for nail enhancing or as an overlay on the natural nail to build strength. Gelish and regular nail polish can be applied over the PolyGel, or Gelish can be intermixed to create infinite design options. PolyGel can be filled or rebalanced just as acrylic would be. And for those who already have acrylics on, PolyGel is completely compatible with them so transitioning over is as easy as just coming in for routine fills.

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