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By The Hair Studio, Sep 2 2016 09:08PM

There are hundreds of products to look at when going to a salon. And how does a stylist pick which one they want to go with? Salons are fortunate enough to have the option of mini classes to educate them on the many products and keep updated on the modern and trendy styles. Recently, we had a fun day of being educated about Redken! I am going to give you the inside scoop on why we like this brand!

Many people have concerns on processing their hair over and over again. Is my hair going to be damaged? How is my hair going to feel? It looks and feels great when you walk out of the salon but what will it look like after?? And some people definitely go for the look over the feel. Well, why not have the best of both worlds. How does that feel??


Redken has an entire line for damaged and processed hair. An ENTIRE LINE! That isn't just shampoo and conditioners! It's gels, hairsprays, pretreatments, post-treatments, protection sprays, leave-ins etc.! I could just go on and on! Why so many different things?? Because every person's hair is different and requires special attention! That is just one reason “why Redken.”

A lot of the products are Sulfate Free and Paraben Free. Sulfates have been known to be bad for your hair! These include drying, irritating your scalp, fading color and even hair loss!! And we need our hair. Plus, parabens are found in many haircare products and cosmetics that are said to be unsafe. So yet another bonus to Redken for being health concious!

I want to give Redken another round of applause for listening to the stylist behind the chair! It's made for stylist by the stylist. How awesome is that???

The line is an A+ in the learning department. They have made it simple to use and easy to learn. So Redken Retail is a no brainer when it comes to the consumer and the stylist. With color coded packaging and easy to understand labeling, it is so easy to know what to reach for when styling. Lets face it, when you have 50 people coming in every week. Any way to simplify, makes life a whole lot easier! Plus, the education they provide is incredible! They are constantly keeping up with the trends, evolving solutions, modernizing styles and they are willing to pass it on by providing those mini classes we talk about on a regular basis.

And how about this one...They take the product that is doing the best on the market, research it, then making one of their own even better! Thats like taking grandma's homemade bread that won a blue ribbon at the state fair and saying, yeah, I did one better. Doesn't that make everyone curious to try it??

Oh yeah...affordable. There isn't much more to say about it really! Because these days, who doesn't want a good deal?? All hands are raised!

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